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Articles on planes, pilots and events that shaped the history of the world aerobatics. ( Picture: World Cup Aerobatic Contest Paris)

Thursday, 02 January 2014 13:35

The Pitts, Part II

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At the end of 1945, they wanted to build ten S1s for Car Stengel off the design of the original Pitts as part of an amateur construction kit, but only one was built due to Carl's company's financial problems. Phil Quigley flew this model in airshows - with its longer and more resistant fuselage, 85 hp Continental engine, and an improved upside-down fuel system - until aerobatics pilot Betty Skelton bought it in 1947.  With the nickname "Little Stinker," it allowed her to dominate all the female national aerobatics competitions from 1947 to 1951.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 17:45

The Pitts, Part I

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The Pitts - the plane designed and created by Curtis Pitts - is possibly the most attractive and recognized biplane in the world of aerobatic competition. Since the aerobatic prototype took its first flight in 1945, it has boasted more wins in Unlimited aerobatic competitions in the United States than any other model.

Thursday, 31 October 2013 11:28

The Sukhois Part 3/3

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Sukhoi 31 at 1997 París AirshowParallel to the development of the Su-29, the Sukhoi Design Office was beginning to work on the development of a new aerobatic single-seater, the Su-29T, later designated Su-31. The purpose of the development was to build a single-seater with a few improved features over the S-26, and it wasn't until June 22, 1992 that the prototype took off for the first time, under the control of Yurgis Kairys.

Friday, 30 August 2013 00:00

Ladislav Bezak (Lomcovák)

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Ladislav Bezak

Ladislav Bezák, a 1960s Czechoslovakian aerobatic pilot, is known in the world of aerobatics for being the first pilot to win the first world aerobatic championship held in Bratislava in September of 1960, and for being the creator of one of the most amazing and innovative maneuvers of those times; a manuever which, to this day, continues to be utilized by the best Freestyle pilots: the Lomcovák.


In the movie ‘Top Gun’ fighter pilot ‘Iceman’ asked Maverick’ “Who’s the best pilot?”  In October of 2013 the World Aerobatic Championship, or WAC, will be coming to America.  Sherman/Dennison, Texas will host up to 100 of the world’s best pilots.  Let’s look into the modern World Aerobatic Championship and see how it has developed through the years, going through two world wars in the process, to become what it is today.

On 14 October, 1905 the FAI, or Federation Aeronautique Internationale, was formed.  Its job is to verify and catalog all aviation records, and set standards for those records.  Modern World Aerobatic Championships, under the FAI, are considered to be those that have been held since 1960.

Monday, 01 July 2013 00:00

The Sukhois Part 2/3

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Los primeros Su-26

The Institute of Siberian Investigation (SibNIA), which is responsible for developing the first asymmetric adjustable nozzles for the Su-27UB-PS, has begun to work to improve the aerodynamics of the Su-26 in a significant way. They have managed to increase the controllability, thanks to the increase in the rudder deflection angle and equipping the wing with "Wing Fillets" (wing extensions in the wing root area).

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