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Monday, 18 November 2013 11:54

Aude Lemordant Featured

Written by  Snap&Roll
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Aude Lemordant


Snap&Roll interviewed Aude Lemordant, aerobatic pilot widely known on the international aerobatic circuit for her radiant sympathy and for her excellent qualities and skills as aerobatic pilot. Airline pilot by profession with over 6000-flight experience combines her job with her vocation, the aerobatics. Aude just proclaimed Women’s World Aerobatic Champion in the WAC last held in Texas, being the first to snatch the title to the multiple world champion Svetlana Kapanina in recent years.

Member of the “L’equipe de France” since 2009, for her, aerobatics means: “Showing the best of an aircraft”


How did you discover the world of aerobatics? What did the first aerobatic flight in your life mean to you?

 I started flying it with gliders. Aerobatics meant discovering new dimension in terms of flying.


What do you feel when you are performing aerobatics? 

I always try to do my best....


How has aerobatics changed you and influenced your life? 

Aerobatics is very demanding in many ways. To reach top level you need a lot of personal investment so you learn a lot about yourself.


What made you decide to compete at the highest level in the international competitions? 

It was for me the best way to improve my flying skills as it gives you objectives.


Is there any limit in the unlimited category? 

The only limit and the worst enemy is yourself :-)


Do you have a referent or guru in your life who helped you to achieve your goals in aerobatics? 

Aude performing aerobatics with her Cap 232
Aude performing aerobatics with her Cap 232



During a flight career you get to meet many interesting people. Everybody has something to teach you...


What does “Coco” Bessieres (French’s team coach) mean for you and for your aerobatic career? 

Coco is our reference. He will take the most of you at the last stage of your training.


When you first joined the French team in 2009, what was easier for you, dealing with the flying boys around you or complying with the “straight” discipline that the French team characterizes? 

It is not easy when you first join the French team because the level is pretty high and you feel that there is a huge gap between you and the others. You have to learn patience...


How would you define the “aerobatic style” of the Unlimited French team? 

I think every pilot has his own style. Coco will give the overall style.


Why do you think this sport is not very popular in women? 

Trouble is there aren’t many women in aviation in general...


Aude, let’s talk about the WAC 2013. What does the WAC 2013 mean to you? 

It was for me one of the best adventure with the French team, as everybody made it possible to compete in the USA.


What were your feelings when you realized you were the new Woman’s World Aerobatic Champion?  

Still haven’t realized it yet!


Which are the reasons for your success? 

You need a good motivation and to believe in it.


Like any sport, the mental state during any competition can make the difference between being on the top of the list or not. What is your “ritual” that inspires and relaxes you before flying? 

Unfortunately for me there is no steady rule...


"During a flight career you get to meet many interesting people.

Everybody has something to teach you.." 


What are for you the clues to become a World Aerobatic Champion? 

Training and keep being motivated.


How would you define yourself as an aerobatic pilot? 

A pilot that I always doing and doing my best.


Aude and the rest of the French team members in the WAC 2013

Aude and the rest of the French team members

in the WAC 2013

Being a World Champion, have you already achieved your personal goals in aerobatics? What is your aim in this sport? 

The aim is to improve always, whether results come or not.


After some years in competition you have beaten one of your eternal competitors in the last years, Svetlana Kapanina. How do you feel about that? 

Still can’t believe it! 


With the pressure on your shoulders of an international competition and representing your team, which are for you the worst moments? And the best?  In which moment of the WAC did you get those feelings? 

During a championship, the most difficult part is trying to keep an equal temper... The best moment is when the flight is over, because the pressure keeps rising until you sit in the aircraft. 

The worst moment is when waiting for the flight, especially when weather is bad and you have to keep focused for hours or even days...


What do you prefer, a high technique unknown program or a physically demanding unknown program but less technical?

Technique of course!! Because this is what we train for, rather than just being able to sustain G’s...


Do you think the “lucky factor” is present in all aerobatic competitions? In which way do you think it can influence a pilot’s result? 

Unfortunately luck(or not) is a big issue in aerobatics (weather, flight order) so better not focus on the results!


Are we going to see Aude in the future international competitions? What are your future plans? 

Too early to tell... But there is high probability I will continue the competitions...


To finish, what would you recommend to new aerobatic pilots wishing to be world champions one day? 

Believe in it and be patient...


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"Aerobatics is the hidden rythm of our soul..."