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Thursday, 30 May 2013 07:15

Hube Tolson and Castor Fantoba Delight Over 540,000 People with Their Aerobatics Display

Written by  Unlimited Aerobatics
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Spanish pilot Castor Fantoba and American pilot Hubie Tolson were invited by organizers to participate in the classic aerobatics freestyle division at the 2013 Gyeonggi Ansan Airshow festival in Seúl from May 1-5. 

During the five days of the event, both pilots conducted 15 exhibition flights, each one performing their most well-liked and publically acclaimed freestyle flights.Pilots and OrganizersThis 5th festival ended in success and was attended by a record 540,000 people.

Moreover, this event, considered one of the best airshows in Asia, involved some of the most famed aerobatic athletes worldwide: the Breitling Jet Team, the Black Eagles, and the Scandinavian Catwalk Team, among others.

Castor Fantoba commented: "It's fantastic to have been invited to one of the most important Airshows in Asia, to be able to support the spread of aerobatic flight in particular, and aviation in general.  In every respect, Corea is one of the countries with the most potential, and being here means a lot to me."





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