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Wednesday, 03 July 2013 08:31

François Le Vot Takes the Title of Champion of France

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Pilot François Le Vot, member of the  l’Armee de l’Air aerobatic team (EAA) took the title of 2013 Champion of France in the Unlimited category held in Moulins. 

 This is his second title. The first was in 2011. In 2012, Olivier Masurel took the title and Le Vot got the second place. This time, Olivier remained in second place and François Rallet, another member of EAA, took 3rd place.In the Excellence category, the intermediate category between Advanced and Unlimited, Alexandre Orlowski of the EVAA is the new French champion, ahead of Simon de la Breteche and Alexis Busque (EVAA).

In the National 1 or Advanced category, Romain Fhal of the Dijon aerobatic team has climbed to the top of the podium, followed by the pilot of the Midi Pyrénés Team, Louis Vanel, and ahead of Martin Leroux-Dennebouy (Dijón Team), who came in third place.

The purpose of this competition was to compose a group of 8 pilots who will represent the French team at the next world championship, to be celebrated in Texas from October 9th - 20th. They will be: Kathel Boulanger, Mikael Brageot, Nicolas Ivanoff, Francois Le Vot, Aude Lemordant, Masurel Olivier, François Rallet, and Pierre Varloteaux. 


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