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Sunday, 21 July 2013 14:54

The Danubia Cup becomes the benchmark championship of Central European aerobatic pilots

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Danubia cup participants Danubia cup participants

The first Danubia Cup for powered and glider aircraft was held this year, having been organized by the Hungarian Aeronautical Association and the Hungarian Aerobatic Club.

The Danubia Cup came about after the 1st Central European Aerobatic Meeting last year, where the idea of creating a Central European Open Aerobatic Championship series was proposed. Power glider pilots from different Central European countries would compete among each other for a single title, the Danuba Cup, and the winning country could use the Cup as proof of a national championship, since it is under CIVA and approved as a second-class event by the FAI.

This championship will be held each year and is an open championship where any pilot of any nationality can participate to win the Danubia Cup, which is granted solely to the top winner of each discipline in each category.The Cup 

made its debut this past June at the Airfield in Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia in the glider aerobatic discipline of the Advanced and Unlimited categories, with a good showing of pilots. Marvin Sasa won the Cup in the Advanced category, ahead of Cervink Ivo who took the silver, and Chechmanek Michal who took the bronze. In the Unlimited category, Rozlivka Jan prevailed, winning the title. Vavra Premysl came in behind him with the silver, and Cervenka Miroslav took the bronze.

With regards to the Danubia Copa for powered aircraft, there was excellent participation. Twenty-two pilots were registered, coming from countries like Italy, Poland, Austria, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Once registration closed, the categories of Sport, Advanced, and Unlimited were held. The Intermediate category did not get the minimum number of participants.


Three flights decided the competition in the Sports category. Romanian Gabriel Ion was the winner of the Cup, followed by Hungarians Balázs Kiss, winner of the silver, and László Baku, who took the bronze.

Danubia Cups

After 4 flights in the Advanced category, Rodolfo Natale of Italy took the Danubia Cup at the controls of a Cap 231 EX, followed by Romanian László Ferencz, who took the silver, and Polish pilot Lukasz Swiderski, who took the bronze.

In the top category, the Unlimited, Martin Sonka, ex-pilot of the Red Bull Air Races and highly-regarded in international competitions, got the highest score in 3 of the 4 flights, becoming the undisputed winner of the first Danubia Cup in the Unlimited category.  Tamás Illés, not very far behind the Czech, came in second place with the silver. Petr Kopfstein took the bronze.

In the 4-minute Freestyle, the most exciting category for the public where the Unlimited pilots participate, the ranking was the same as the overall result of the Classic category.  Sonka took the gold, Tamás the silver, and Kopfstein the bronze.

Martin Sonka

With the closing of the Freestyle flights, the first Danubia Cup was over, at least for a year. A cup that, without any doubt, has met the expectations of the organization and the pilots, laying the foundation to become, if it isn't already, the benchmark championship for the majority of Central European aerobatic pilots.


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