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Saturday, 14 September 2013 11:11

France Completely Dominates the 2013 EAAC

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Team of France with the awards

The French team was declared the European champions in the Advanced category for the third consecutive time (2009, 2011, 2013) during the 2013 EAAC celebration, which took place August 1st - 11th at the Piastow-Radom airfield in Poland.
Images: EAAC 2013 

“L’equipe de Voltige," under the guidance of new trainer Olivier Masurel - world championship runner-up in the Unlimited category - valiantly and powerfully earned one of its best scores in recent years.  Six of the team's members placed in the top nine positions overall, specifically taking the first four, sixth, and ninth places.

For the first time, this year's new guidelines allow the Q program to count towards the championship. Previously, the Q was used solely for level cut and to determine the departure order for the following flights.

Weather conditions during the week permitted planned flights to be performed, allowing scores to be tallied from four flights: the Q, the  Free program, the first free Unknown, and the second Unknown. After finalizing the flights and having excess time, the pilots who did not pass the first cut were allowed to fly the second Unknown without it counting towards their scores.

After all flights ended and scores were tallied, Frenchman Simon de la Breteche was declared European champion in the Advanced category with 79.091% average accuracy in all his flights. His two teammates, Alexander Orlowski and Romain Fhal, were right behind him with 78.405% and 77.369%, respectively.

As far as team results, there were no surprises, and they were very similar to 2011 results. France once again confirmed its leadership as the best aerobatic team in the Advanced category in Europe, but this time triumphing over its most direct rival, the Russian team, who took the silver medal.  The Ukrainian team took the Bronze medal.

For more information visit: www.civa-results.com
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