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Thursday, 31 October 2013 09:08

France and François Le Vot Proclaimed World Champion Featured

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French Team World Aerobatic Champion
French Team World Aerobatic Champion

Once again, at the World Aerobatic Championship held October 9th-20th in Texas (USA), France proves to be the guru and top master of the Unknown category. The French team was positioned as the leader after the first and second flights (Q and Free), and made a significant leap in the third flight (Unknown 1) after an adjustment to the first positions in the championship.

 After the completion of the first two flights of the competition - the Known and the Free - the results showed a clear lead by the Russian pilot and former World Champion Mikhail Mamistov, who was the tentative leader after earning the highest score and coming out ahead in both flights. 

François Le Vot Overall World Aerobatic Champion 2013
François Le Vot 2013 Overall World Aerobatic Champion 

The second and third place winners were different in the Q and Free programs.  Frenchman François Le Vot was the most consistent and came in just behind the Russian, taking second in the Q before the American Michael Racy, who came in third. In the Free, Le Vot took third place behind Robert Holland, who came in second. With these results, the Unknown flight would determine the top winner of the championship.

In the last flight of the competition, after some adjustment in the scores, the Unknown Free category began - the category that would put the skills, persistence, and preparation of the pilots to the test, this time with the added pressure on the top ranked pilots. For them, everything boiled down to this flight.   

Mikhail Mamistov, to everyone's surprise, was a little more inaccurate than the judges expected, coming in 8th place in the Unknown. This result paved the way for François Le Vot, who excellently executed a steadfast flight, coming in second behind his friend François Rallet and earning him the title of World Champion once all the scores were totaled. Mamistov won the silver medal.

Aude Lemordant 2013 Women’s Aerobatic Champion
Aude Lemordant 2013 Women’s Aerobatic Champion


The Brit Gerald Cooper took third place in the Unknown, with a score high enough to earn him third overall and the bronze medal. He came in ahead of Olivier Masurel, Robert Holland, and Michael Racy, who all closely followed.

The scores of the three best pilots of each team generated the overall classification of teams.

France was proclaimed world's best aerobatics team, taking the gold medal thanks to the scores of François Le Vot, Olivier Masurel and François Rallet.

The American team took the silver medal with the scores of the highest performers, Robert Holland, Michael Racy, and Nikolay Timofeev.

Mikhail Mamistov, Oleg Shpolyansky, and Svetlana Kapanina were the three pilots whose scores earned third place and the bronze medal for the Russian Federation.

Rob Holland 4 minute freestyle champion
Rob Holland 4 minute freestyle champion

Aude Lemordant was proclaimed Women's Aerobatic Champion after an excellent battle, displacing the multiple-time World Champion, Svetlana Kapanina. With some ease, Aude won the Q and  Free-Unknown ahead of the Russian. Once scores were tallied, Aude took the gold medal, Svetlana Kapanina, the silver, and Kathel Boulanger, the bronze. 

The "Smoke ON" modality, Robert Holland won his second World Aerobatic Champion title in a row in the 4 minute Freestyle after flying an incredible performance and getting the top score of 89,337%. Gerald Cooper took second place and silver medal and Martin Sonka, the Bronze.

WAC 2013 Highlights
4 minute Freestyle part 3 

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