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Friday, 17 January 2014 23:14

French challenge: Regain the FAI World Aerobatic Championships at home

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Francois le Vot

The 28th edition of the FAI World Aerobatic Championships will be held next year in France. It’s a challenge for French team who won the last championship that took place in North Texas (United States) October 2013. Francois Le Vot won the Men's Overall title, and two years before, in 2011, his compatriot, Renaud Ecalle. In fact, the French teams have won 6 world titles since the beginning of the firstchampionship, in 1960. They have been always tied with the Russians.

Although the FAI World Aerobatic Championships began in 1960 in Bratislava (Czechoslovakia), where the pilots had 4 minutes to perform aerobatic figures, 40 years before started the first competitions. And it was in Paris! The National Aero Club of France organized the first world cup near the capital of France, in Vicennes, between 9 and 10 June 1920. There were nine participants representing Germany, Czechoslovakia, United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal and the winner took a prize of one hundred thousand francs.

About 150.000 people attended the competition. The first day consisted of a flight of 8 minutes and the second day pilots were free to demonstrate their skills and choose from among 87 maneuvers, those that best dominate. In this official debut of this new sport became apparent how important is the security. A French pilot had an accident and died. German Gerhard Fieseler made history as the first winner of this World Cup.

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Three of the participants in the 27th edition

The airfield in France where the 28th FAI World Aerobatic Championships will be held this year is still to be decided. It’s expected that the FFA (Fédération Française Aéronautique) decides this in the next general meeting on April 4th-5th 2014, in Montpellier. As the countdown begins, this year there will be other important FAI championships.

From July 22 to August 2, in Torun (Poland), the 17th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships and the 5th FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships; from August 7th to 16th, in Dubnica nad Váhom (Slovakia) the 11th FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championships; from August 23 to August 30, in Matkopuszta Airport (Hungary), the 19th FAI European Aerobatic Championships. In autumn, from November 27 to December 6, in Mossel Bay (South Africa), will be 4th FAI World YAK 52 Aerobatic Championship and the 1st FAI World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship.







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