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Monday, 17 February 2014 21:00

Eric Vazielle, the new coach of the French Unlimited Team

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Eric Vazeille, World Unlimited Champion 2000 in Muret (France), is taking over Claude Bessière, widely-known as "Coco", as the coach of the Unlimited French Team. The Fédération Française Aéronautique (FFA) announced this in a press release. They had decided to trust Vazeille to train the French pilots for the next FAI World Aerobatic Championship, which will be held in France in August 2015.


Coco Bessière steps out of the Unlimited French Team after two decades as the coach and following a rush decision of the FFA. The relationship between Coco and the last two technical directors of the FAA was never cordial but fortunately never had a repercussion on the pilots’ results. It is believed that his decision to sign the retirement of the ENAC (École Nationale de l'Aviacione Civil) in 2012 may have accelerated the FAA to replace him by Eric Vazeille. Already in 2013, the FFA made a first step in this scene, designating Olivier Masurel as the coach of the Advanced Aerobatic team. 

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Coco Bessière

Coco won the world unlimited championship in 1990 in Yverdon (Switzerland). He was an ENAC instructor until 2012 and he has been the coach of the Advanced and Unlimited French team for more than two decades. He is considered one of the best aerobatic trainers in the world. The excellence of the French method, widely known around the world, is based in a solid and high level training structure with air clubs that provide the basis to produce / bring up? new aerobatic pilots, judges, as well as competent and successful trainers. 

Both Francois Le Vot and Renaud Ecalle, who had been trained by him, won the Men's Overall title, François last year and the latter in 2011. The Unlimited French team has already won 6 world titles and 2 european championships.

Eric Vazeille began aerobatics in an Air Club of Lille, in 1987. Now, being 43 years old, he is an airline pilot for Air France. Since he stopped competing, he has become an experienced coach. With Vazeille, the English Gerald Cooper ranked third in the last Unlimited World Championship held in Texas.

He has climbed the training career ladder by going through all the stages and is now a reference of the French Aerobatic School. Thanks to his wide experience and aerobatic trajectory, the FFA considers that he is ready to lead the French Unlimited team in all the international contests for the next years. After Coco’s results, it will surely be a big challenge for him. 

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Eric Vazeille won the FAI World Aerobatic Championship in Muret in 2000 








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