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Sunday, 09 March 2014 17:05

Aerobatic pilot Tamás Nádas dies after crash at Al Khor

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World famous Hungarian aerobatic pilot Captain Tamás Nádas died on Friday, March 7th, in a plane crash during an airshow performance at Al Khor airfield, in northern Qatar.

As a well-known competitor, his best success was in 2012, when he won the gold medal of the 10th FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championship during the Free Programme. He also won other numerous awards in aerobatic competitions in his natal country.

Nádas was flying his Extra 300 inverted in a low pass as part of his show at the Qatar Mile event this weekend when at the end of the runway hit the ground. He was an expert at flying several types of aerobatic aircraft and, at the moment of the tragedy, nothing was clear. Rescue operators rushed to the scene, but they failed to save his life. He was 44 years old.

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According to Doha News, James Jago, a British expatriate who was watching this event, said that the plane seemed to be too close to the ground during the stunt: “The plane rolled upside down and was flying along the runway, then as the plane reached the end of the runway (still flying upside down) he tried to push up but was too close to the ground and the back rudder of the plane touched the ground, which brought the whole plane down on its roof. It slid along the runway with small pieces of the plane flying off and then it came off the runway and onto the sand, where it finally came to a stop. Then all the emergency vehicles raced over.”

Another racing enthusiast, Mubasher Zaman, who saw the plane hit the ground, told Gulf Times that it was Nádas’ second show of the day. He said that “the plane was flying upside down very close to the runway and I thought it wobbled a little before crashing to the ground at the end of the airstrip. I immediately knew it was going to be serious”. Zaman added that it was held late in the afternoon and probably the poor light contributed to the tragedy.

Qatar Racing Club, who prepared the event, posted a message on its Facebook page condoling Nadas’ death. The races that had to take part during the weekend have been cancelled because of the tragedy. Specifically, the organizer said “this is in respect for the courageous pilot Tamás Nádas who unfortunately lost his life today in the airshow doing what he loved. We would like to express our deepest condolences and our prayers are with his family and friends, may his soul rest in peace.”

Nádas aerobatic career was splendid. On his personal page he explained that “I made my first personal experience with aviation in 1998 at an age 29 during a pleasure flight. It had such a great impact on me, that I've started my training on the very same day. After a few months I received my private pilot license. However this was not enough. I switched to a Z-142 and continued my aviation career with learning aerobatic maneuvers and stunts. I've completed my thorough aerobatics training in 2001”.


Tames Nadas’ achievements

2009:  Hungarian Championship: gold medal

European Championship programme Q: gold medal

 International Cup silver medal

 Mediterranean Cup bronze medal

 2010:  Hungarian Championship gold medal

 World Championship: overall 8th place

 2011:  Hungarian Championship: gold medal

 Hungarian Aviation Association Aerobatics Pilot of the Year

 2012: Hungarian Championship: gold medal

 10th FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championship Programme Free: gold medal

 2013: Hungarian Aviation Association: Aerobatics Pilot of the Year








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