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Monday, 24 March 2014 16:16

Spencer Suderman breaks The Inverted Flat Spin World Record with 81 turns Featured

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Spencer Suderman - Spin-Entry

Spencer Suderman, an Airshow performer from United States, broke the Guinness Book of the World Records for the most successive inverted flat spins on board of his Pitts S-2B at Naval Air Facility El Centro, in California (EUA).

Suderman completed 81 turns from 23,000 ft. and recovered it at 2,000 ft. over the California desert. This was his third attempt to beat the previous record that was set in 1999 by Wayne Handley, an airshow legend, who did 78 turns. The attempt was performed in March 13th and during the last week he got the official confirmation from the judges.

Spencer Suderman - Inverted Flat Spin small
Inverted Flat Spin

He trained hard to beat this record for a long time. This flight and all of its preparations were a data driven exercise in the research and development of the aircraft configuration, pilot performance, problem solving and flight safety. 

His two previous efforts resulted in 64 and 77 turns performed in March 2011 and December 2013. Suderman explained before his third attempt: “ It would probably be my last because after a while your credibility wears pretty thin when you don’t do what you say and I really felt like I owed them a world record for all they have done for me over the years”.  

Given this success, Suderman concluded that the secret is to find a way to climb higher and spin faster, taking into account, “that the plane rotates at a constant rate but falls quicker in the higher altitudes due to the thinner air”.

Spencer Suderman explains us in Snap&Roll all the conclusions he got from his experience after breaking the inverted flat spins World Record. To read the full article visit http://snap-and-roll.com/articles/others/item/644-inverted-flat-spin-world-record-third-time-is-a-charm.html 

Spencer Suderman in cockpit
            Spencer Suderman with his Pitts s-2B


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