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Mossel Bay, South Africa was the scenario chosen to hold the 1st World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship (WIAC) and the World Aerobatic Yak52 Championship (WYAKAC), from November 11th to December 3rth 2014.

The contest was hosted by the South African Aerobatic Club. It gathered 16 nations, 17 pilots in the YAK52 category and 31 pilots in the world intermediate category.

Some teams arrived few days earlier to train as much as they could over the field and get used with the references. The competition officially started with the open ceremony on Wednesday 26. Despite having two separate championships, pilots from each category had common programmes.

The Russian Team won the gold medal on the WYAKC 2014


Some flights had to be delayed, up to the extent that only the Knowns and the Free sequences were fully flown. This was due to low clouds and blustery weather which provoked the cancellation of the 3rd programme.

The final results were as follows:

- Word Aerobatic Yak 52 Championship:

The Russian pilot, Vladimir Kotelnikov, was proclaimed world Champion thanks to his regular flights during the championship. He finished second in the Known and the free, very close to the 1st in both flights getting the overall winner score of 76.026%. His team mates completed the podium. Roman Ovchinnikov got the silver medal with an overall of 75.668% and Igor Turik 75.562% the bronze.

The Russian Team won the gold medal, being recognized as the best world team of the Yak52 championship 2014. Lithuania pilots won the silver medal and South Africa got the bronze.

World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship:

Michel Leusch was the winner of the 1st WIAC

The local pilot, Michel Leusch, made history for being the 1st Intermediate World Champion. He flew and excellent known that gave him a clear margin and safe comfort from the rest of the competitors during the free sequence. He jumped on the top of the podium with an overall score of 78.997%. The Australian pilot, Dieter Ebeling got the silver medal (77.839%) and Neville Ferreira, from South Africa, got the bronze with a score of 77.395%.

The local South African pilots were very happy to be proclaimed as the best World Intermediate Aerobatic Team thanks to the scores of their best three pilots. The British team obtained the silver medal and the Czech Republic got the bronze.

With the end of these two events the international aerobatic championships are over for this year 2014. Next season will start with the first aerobatic championship in Deva (Romania) holding the 20th European Advanced Aerobatic Championship the July 20th. From Snap&Roll we will keep you inform about the progress of all these championships and results.

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